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Azila develops custom-made software products for Windows, Mac and iPhone/iPod touch. Azila focuses primarily on fun and exciting small software products, that often utilize OpenGL for 2D or 3D graphics.

For an up-to-date overview of products/projects by Azila, see the News page.

Azila has developed a physics library (MOPE) and a car simulation library (Car++). An alpha version demo of the car simulation library is available for download.
Download for Windows
Download for Mac OS X
screenshot of the demo

For more information about the MOPE/Car++ library, contact Azila (see the contact page).

Azila offers several freeware games and apps. These can be downloaded from Mikko Oksalahti's (Azila's CEO, founder and owner) personal homepage at or from the links below.

Mas Ketchup (2010)
A vegetable puzzle for iPhone/iPod touch...
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Pakoon III (2008)
A puzzle game for Windows, Mac and iPhone/iPod touch...
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KUMOON! (2005)
A cool chick with three weapons and a bad attitude. What more can you ask for...
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HiddenLynx (2005)
Chinese chess game with life-like board and pieces. Simple and relaxing.
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PAKOON! 2.Many (2003)
Final game in the Pakoon trilogy. Imagine snowboarding with cars! Includes multiplay and cool cars.
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PAKOON! v1.ONE (2002)
Most ambitious of the Pakoon games.Deliver pizzas in an almost infinite scenery. Includes scene editor and more!
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Pakoon 0.03a (2001)
First game in the Pakoon trilogy. Drive around on an island with a special flower car with helicopter rotor and a jet engine!
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